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One App for All Your Lights.

Smart Lights Made Simple.
key features

Control All Your Lights at Once


  • Philips Hue

  • LIFX
  • Nanoleaf
    • Shapes, Lines, Elements, Canvas and Panels
  • Arduino
    • Neopixel, Rainbowduino, and RGB LEDs


Access Many Color Pickers and Palettes

Choose from a variety of ways to set all your lights to a single color.

Or, use palettes to quickly use multiple colors at once. Choose from a set of defaults, access the palettes saved on lights, or create your own.

For lights such as Nanoleafs that can show multiple colors at once, both palettes and routines can be applied to a single light.

Save Your Favorite Moods for Later

Did you put a lot of effort into setting up your lights just right? Save them as a mood, and in the future you can switch back to these states with just a few clicks!


System Requirements

  • iOS14+

  • Android 10+, 2GB+ RAM

  • macOS 11+

  • All common x86_64 linux distros

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