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One App for All Your Lights.

Smart Lights Made Simple.
key features

Control all your lights at once

  • Philips Hue

  • LIFX
  • Nanoleaf
    • 4D, Shapes, Lines, Elements, Canvas and Panels
  • Arduino
    • Neopixel, Rainbowduino, and RGB LEDs


Unlimited color options


Choose colors with color wheels, scheme pickers, swatches, prebuilt palettes, custom palettes and more!

Make dynamic scenes

Stream commands from your device to the lights, or use effects that are stored on the light itself to change colors over time and match any vibe!

Unlock the full potential of your lights

Set up lights to turn off in the future with timeouts or access light specific settings such as screen mirroring on Nanoleaf Lightstrips.

Like your current settings? Save your favorite settings as a mood to quickly access it later.

System Requirements

  • iOS14+

  • Android 10+, 2GB+ RAM

  • macOS 11+

  • All common x86_64 linux distros

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