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Linux Builds

Current Build

Version 0.37.21

August 13, 2023

  • Added support for grouping lights by location (IE, Home, Beach House, Work). When locations are enabled, only lights that are either assigned to the current location or not assigned to any location will show up in menus.

  • Added better support for light firmware effects, such as "Candle" and "Fire" effects on newer Hues.

  • Fixed bugs with displaying effects on menus.

  • Fixed bugs with saving and creating moods.

  • Fixed recent regressions with handling color temperatures.

  • Fixed UI bug where the "Preview" button pops up unnecessarily.

  • Fixed issue where lights being set as color temperature don't show up in mood previews.

  • Fixed issue where setting a color scheme for a Nanoleaf was ignored if the light was showing a Scene.

  • Fixed issue where lights that support only dimming cannot complete onboarding.

  • Fixed issue where Nanoleafs showed up as black on discovery preview pages.

  • Added helper text when a Nanoleaf controller has no panels attached to it.

  • Fixed issue where LIFX ignored the app's brightness settings when running a "Morph" effect.


Previous Builds

Version 0.36.05

July 1st, 2023

NOTE: From this version on, the app is distributed via Flathub and supports all common linux distros.

  • Fixed UI bugs when handling multiple Hue Bridges

  • Added more information to LIFX discovery widgets.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.


Version 0.35.14

June 18th, 2023 Link

NOTE: From this version on, the app is now built for Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS instead of 20.04.6 LTS. A Flatpak variant of Corluma is in the works to support older versions of Ubuntu, as well as all other common Linux distros.

  • Added custom widgets for each light type to the Routines page.

  • Added even more information about individual lights and groups stored on a Hue Bridge.

  • Added support for the prism effect for newer Hues.

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs across all lights.

  • Upgraded to OpenSSL v1.1.1


Version 0.34.09

May 21st, 2023 Link

  • Added better support for lights that are only dimmable.

  • Added more information about individual lights and groups stored on a Hue Bridge.

  • Made various UI tweaks to be more accessible and cleaner.

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.

Version 0.33.07

May 7th, 2023 Link

  • Moved Hue Effects and Nanoleaf Scenes to the Routines page.

  • Added a more detailed view of each Hue light.

  • Fixed edge cases with connecting to LIFX lights when network statuses change.

  • Added support for Hue archetypes.

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.


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